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Morning walk at Lambton Woods

Bib Duck (mallard/black duck cross)

I met up with my pal Hobie this overcast morning for a walk through Lambton Woods, along the Humber River, here in Toronto.

Canada Goose balancing on one leg

It was good to get out for a walk along a woodland path to test my knee, which continues to slowly recover after quad-tendon surgery. I was able to complete the walk without problem or pain, although my knee did swell a little after the walk.

Double-crested cormorant drying its wings by the river

We were both surprised by the number of people out on the trails this morning, walking, running and cycling. Still it’s a lovely area and I always enjoy walking there.

Black-crowned Night Heron

Hobie spotted a black-crowned night heron fishing in the channelized creek which flows into the river from the golf course on the other side of the Humber. It’s a spot that often attracts herons and other birds.

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Go with Vox

We played 5 games online last night. I continued to give 2 stones and receive 6.5 points komi. I won 4/5 but needed the komi to win 2 of them.

game 3

This is the 3rd game, which I won by 9.5 points. Vox misplayed the bottom right corner and I killed off those stones. He recovered some by cutting off and killing 5 stones in the centre-left, but it wasn’t enough to win the game.

If Vox is going to get back to even play, he has to get better at the corner sequences. It seems that most sessions there are one or two games in which I steal a corner or kill a corner, which on review it’s clear he should have been more successful. As well, I think he needs to develop more aggressive play to keep my groups more unsettled. Of course figuring out how to go about this is the challenge.

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Where do you get your whiskey?

Askin’ for a friend.

Here’s Bruce Molsky, Joe Newberry, Mike Compton and I believe the bass player is Tom T. Ball – and also Riley Baugus off to the side on guitar. You’d have to look long and hard to find a finer group of pickers than these guys.

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Studio Snapshots: Dead Man’s Fingers

Dead Man’s Fingers

This is another new painting called Dead Man’s Fingers. It’s oil on canvas, 24″X24″.

The last few months have been a period of improvisation for me in the studio. I’ve been having tremendous fun with this group of paintings, feeling loose and free, open to all kinds of ideas.

Dead Man’s Fingers, and all the new paintings are available. If you’re in Toronto and want a better look at them, let me know, and I’ll be happy to invite you to visit my little secret garage studio.

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Sending out a big thanks to all the fantastic listeners to The Agency Podcast. Today we reached a milestone – 3,000 downloads. Now I understand that in a social media world where people achieve hundreds of thousands of visits for all kinds of goofy things, our little milestone may be small potatoes – but it’s our small potatoes.

My co-host Candy Minx and I keep making podcasts because you keep listening! We love you.

If you’ve never heard our podcast, you can listen to all 50-odd episodes here.