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I cleaned the bird feeders the other day, replaced one that has seen better days, and filled them up and hung them in the big old apple tree out back. The chickadees were among the first to notice we were open for business. It looks… Read More

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House Sparrow

The house sparrows have a reputation for being dull and boring, but I enjoy the colony of them living around us. In their own way they are beautiful and fascinating.

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This morning, while drinking my morning coffee, I glimpsed an unusual bird in our big old apple tree out back. What I initially saw was a back view of a black bird with some white bits. It was around the same size or perhaps just… Read More

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Fall Clean-out

One of the things to get done around here before winter is to clean out the bird houses. We have numerous birdhouses here on Twenty Seventh Street. Most of them are populated by a healthy colony of house sparrows. There is also one smaller bird… Read More

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Birds out Back

We have house sparrows, starlings and chickadees nesting in the birdhouses out back (and up front too). We haven’t seen the next but a pair of cardinals has been hanging out in the same part of one of the spruces for some time. We can… Read More

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More Baby Sparrows

….because there’s no such thing as too many baby bird photos, right? Tuffy P took these this morning. These baby house sparrows are just about ready for flight school.

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Baby Sparrows

There are many birds in our community here in the southwest corner of Toronto. We have house sparrows nesting here, and grackles and starlings. I think there is a cardinal nest in one of the spruces, as I see the pair going in and out,… Read More