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Hello World

We’ve been hearing baby starlings chirping in the traffic light out on the back deck but this morning we got our first look at one of the babies.

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Living in a traffic light

Somehow or another we wound up with a traffic light on our back deck. It’s been rewired along the way so that when plugged in, all 3 lights come on. One spring a starling couple found the hole in the top of the light box… Read More

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Mama House Sparrow

We have a colony of house sparrows that stick around all year. We supply numerous housing opportunities for them and right now there is a lot of nesting going on. This female house sparrow and her bird-man have scored a choice penthouse apartment this spring.… Read More

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Guard Duty

Today we noticed this male cardinal staying on the same branch for a very long time. At one point he flew over to the feeders for a snack then went right back. I wonder if he and his partner have a nest in that tree… Read More

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The Starling Crew

A few years ago, a guy who was doing some work for us gave us a traffic light. It’s a real traffic light, which has been re-wired so that when you plug it into an ordinary outlet, all three lights come on. We rarely turn… Read More

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Birds out Back

I continue to be fascinated with the various birds coming to the feeders. The regulars include at least 3 pair of cardinals, a huge gang of house sparrows, mourning doves, house finches, nuthatches, and chickadees.