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Sneaky Pete

What an odd coincidence. Tuffy P and I have been watching the TV show Sneaky Pete, and this afternoon when I did a little surfing around the YouTube machine, I came up with Champion Jack Dupree and King Curtis performing a song called Sneaky Pete… Read More

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The Juke Boy

Here’s a tune by Juke Boy Bonner called Houston the Action Town. I’ve got a recording of it somewhere or another and it came to mind tonight so I thought I’d check out the YouTube machine to see if it was there, and sure enough… Read More

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Daily Dose: Juke Boy Bonner

I first heard Juke Boy Bonner singing I’m a Bluesman on a compilation record (remember records) I had way back in the early 80s. I was a serious blues freak back in those days. There was something about Bonner’s performance of I’m a Bluesman that… Read More

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Saturday morning Boogie

Here are the North Mississippi Allstars… And let’s go back in time to 1953 and Little Junior Parker and the Blue Flames…..Feel so Good…. And a taste of John Lee Hooker, live in Montreal in 1980… Just for fun, let’s include Tennessee Ernie Ford, and… Read More

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The Hound

I posted a couple videos by Hound Dog Taylor over at SqueezeMyLemon this morning. He was a tremendously energized player. When I hear his music, I think of something I heard Utah Phillips say on some recording or another: “I prefer a rude vigor to… Read More