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The Juke Boy

Here’s a tune by Juke Boy Bonner called Houston the Action Town. I’ve got a recording of it somewhere or another and it came to mind tonight so I thought I’d check out the YouTube machine to see if it was there, and sure enough it is. I’ve long thought Action Town would be a great title for a painting, and one day I’ll have just the right painting for it.

Mr. Bonner had a fairly short career. He was born in 32 and passed in 78. His work included some down and dirty blues with titles like Life is a Nightmare and Hard Luck to some really funny boogies like this next one, Sportsman’s Luck…

The first I heard of Juke Boy Bonner was on a compilation blues album I had many years ago, back before the CD age. He had one tune, I’m a Bluesman, and here it is.

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