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Melodians and Masks

I stumbled across this curious video on the YouTube machine tonight. These two excellent players are wearing masks to cover up the unbridled mirth and glee they usually exude while playing. Here they are playing without masks… These videos are from Gilles Poutoux’s YouTube channel,… Read More

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Smokin’ Bow

Surfing around the YouTube machine, diving deep down the button accordion wormhole, I stumbled across this wonderful performance featuring Calvin Vollrath on fiddle and Roger Lanteigne tearing it up on the button accordion on The Smokin’ Bow Reel, one of Mr. Vollrath’s many excellent compositions.

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Roger Lanteigne on accordion

I think we all need something to get our minds off the American election. I haven’t shared much button accordion music lately, so I’d like to remedy that today. Here’s the excellent Acadian player Roger Lanteigne tearing it up. Might fine, mighty fine. I believe… Read More