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Time for some cowboy tunes…

Here’s the Michael Burton tune, Night Rider’s Lament, performed by Nanci Griffith with help from the great cowboy singer Don Edwards. My first exposure to this tune was on an Ian Tyson Record, but hearing Mr. Edwards do his lonesome cowboy yodel sends chills up… Read More

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Hey all you cowboys….

Good-bye old paint. Here’s Meredith Axelrod Also nice on squeezebox, from Sqwzbox… I also really like this performance by Bruce Molsky, with Brittany Haas and Paula Bradley… Let’s go out with Tex Ritter…

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Diamond Joe vs Diamond Joe

There are two completely different tunes (that I know of) called Diamond Joe, which appear to be unrelated. The first one is a cowboy song. I first heard it from an Ian Tyson record back in the early 80s, but it’s a tune that has… Read More

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Whoopie-ti-yi-yo, a cattle call from an old cowboy song. Git along little dogies. Ever wonder just what a dogie is, or was? In cowboy slang, a dogie is a motherless calf.  That much is sure. One story I read has it that after a particularly… Read More

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Cowboy songs

With all this talk about films in that genre we call The Western, I have a hankering to hear some cowboy tunes. Here’s Dan Reeder’s Cowboy Song. This one’s not for the kiddies. Here’s Tom Russell, one of my faves, performing Tonight we Ride. (I… Read More