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Time for some cowboy tunes…

Here’s the Michael Burton tune, Night Rider’s Lament, performed by Nanci Griffith with help from the great cowboy singer Don Edwards. My first exposure to this tune was on an Ian Tyson Record, but hearing Mr. Edwards do his lonesome cowboy yodel sends chills up my spine.

I confess I’ve always loved cowboy songs. Let’s listen to another… Here’s Tex Ritter performing The Old Chisholm Trail. Plenty of hokum in this video, but still….

I’d like to finish off this post with Mr. Ian Tyson, performing his own tune, M.C. Horses. A number of years ago I was driving across Nevada heading for a button accordion camp in the Sierras, and I stopped overnight at a little town out in the “sagebrush sea” called Elko, and I remembered the start of this tune…we were having a drink at Stockman’s and there it was, Stockman’s right in town, so I went in and had a beer at the bar. Here’s M.C. Horses.

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