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Who was Delia Green?

There are numerous American folk tunes that have their roots in true stories. There is Stagger Lee, Tom Dooley, Charles Guiteau, John Hardy, Pretty Boy Floyd and many more, a fascinating and bloody history. Most of these are about men, and most of them involve… Read More

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Delia’s Gone

Delia was a gamblin’ girl She gambled all around. Delia was a gamblin girl She laid her money down. All the friends I ever had are gone. I’m not sure what I was thinking back in 1993 when I named that pudgy little kitten Delia… Read More

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Delia was a gamblin’ girl. She only had eyes for rounders, card players who knew all the angles. Cutty or Cooney, depending on the version, loved poor Delia but she didn’t love him back. Bad news. Here’s Martin Grosswendt… Now Cutty’s going to be in… Read More