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What’s made Milwaukee Famous

All good things must come to an end, include my little list of drinking songs. I hardly scratched the surface really, but hopefully you enjoyed the ones I selected. For Drinking Song #50, I’ve selected The Killer performing What’s Made Milwaukee Famous (has made a… Read More

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It’s Quarter to Three…

Here’s Frank, singing One For My Baby (Drinking Song #48) This song was written by Harold Arlen and Johnny Mercer for the 1943 musical The Sky’s the Limit. It was first performed in the film by Fred Astaire but popularized by Frank Sinatra. This song… Read More

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eyes the colour of #drankitlikewine

Drinking song #47 features Tom Russell and Nanci Griffith – Canadian Whiskey I think I’m going to bring this list to a close at 50 tunes. That leaves three more to go. If I’ve missed any that should be there, mea culpa. Let me know.

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A Cowboy Way to Go

While posting selections for our little list of drinking songs, I’ve failed to consider that cowboys drink too. Drinking Song #44 features Ian Tyson – Alcohol in the Bloodstream. #45 is another Ian Tyson song. “All the beer parlours all down along Main Street” Here’s… Read More

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number 42

Number 42 on our little list of songs about drinking is Alcohol by Gogol Bordello. I meant to post this one much earlier….it’s worth the wait though.