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A Cowboy Way to Go

While posting selections for our little list of drinking songs, I’ve failed to consider that cowboys drink too. Drinking Song #44 features Ian Tyson – Alcohol in the Bloodstream.

#45 is another Ian Tyson song. “All the beer parlours all down along Main Street” Here’s Steve Earle performing Summer Wages.

Here’s another version (#46) – Ian Tyson with Sylvia and Emmy-Lou. Tuffy and I were at this show. It was the Ian and Sylvia reunion show way back in the day.

I could listen to Summer Wages 100 times in a row. It’s only the line about beer parlours that lets this song sneak into the list, but that’s ok. My dad used to love this one too. He like to sing bits of song around the house, and I often heard him singing, “Never hit 17 when you play against the dealer…”

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