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The Ellie Mae Memorial Crown

The crown appears to be fiberglass. It must have once been part of a parade float or something like that. It is suspended on a metal milk can, and marks the spot where our Newfoundland dog Ellie Mae’s ashes are buried.

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Book box update

I’m happy to report that we’re seeing continued turnover in the 27th Street Book Box. There have been a number of kids books appear and disappear lately, and I’ve noticed some parents taking their kids to the book box lately. There are a few excellent… Read More

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Ellie Mae RIP

We lost our fantastic Newfoundland dog Ellie Mae this morning. She was a fabulous dog – gentle, strong-willed, fantastically lazy, a great actress, and a delight to have around. In this photo, she’s just scarfed down the last of one of the cat’s dinner, and… Read More

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Another Ellie Mae update

Ellie Mae, our older Newf, is continuing to have a problem with her leg. She can’t really put any weight on it at all right now, even with her pain meds.  The underlying problem has not been diagnosed. If she doesn’t show improvement, we’ll take… Read More

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Ellie Mae

I wrote a few days ago about the problem Ellie Mae has been having with her rear right leg. She’s been taking an anti-inflammatory and pain meds, and we’ve reduced her exercise .  Ellie has shown great improvement and today she’s been going for walks… Read More