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A Blast from the Past

Looking through some old photos on my computer I came across a photo of a painting I did in……..I don’t remember what year. I do remember a few things about it though. It’s maybe a metre wide, done in acrylics and acrylic spray enamel on… Read More

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The Source

Over the years I’ve made several paintings called The Source, including a small group of tondos I made a few years ago. It’s a theme which has captured my imagination since, as a high school student, I first saw a photo of Courbet’s famous painting… Read More

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The Last Word

This small painting (about the size of a large dinner plate) was intended for my last solo show but was not exhibited. It’s acrylic on masonite and it floats off the wall a little bit. I’ll let this one speak for itself.

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A few years ago I made some small paintings using materials like cardboard, flyers, and various other bits and pieces of stuff I found around the studio. I used an add-and-substract process, gluing materials on, adding paint then ripping back layers of material. They’re bumpy… Read More