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Black-eyed Susans

We have two varieties of Rudbeckias in the canoe garden. One is the Little Goldstar, which is supposed to be an improved perennial Black-Eyed Susans variety and looks like your basic Black-Eyed Susan. The other is the Prairie-Glow Brown-Eyed Susan. It is touted as a… Read More

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Cimecifuga Chocoholic

AKA Black Snakeroot AKA Dwarf Bugbane. It’s a woodland plant that prefers partial shade and moist environments. Late summer they show bottlebrush flowers that start mauve and finish whitish. We have two of these – one has darker leaves than the other. They don’t take… Read More

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Phytolacca americana

We have one specimen of Phytolacca americana, from Lost Horizons. It’s in the front garden near the porch.  This plant has a number of alias’, such as: Virginia poke, American nightshade, cancer jalap, coakum, garget, inkberry, pigeon berry, pocan, pokeroot, pokeweed, pokeberry, redweed, scoke, red… Read More

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Meadow Sage

Meadow Sage ‘Caradonna’ (Salvia nemorosa). The helpful label tells me: One of the least demanding, most satisfying perennials in the garden. Oh yes, yes, yes, this is a plant for me. Into the canoe garden with it. The purple blooms look great behind the bright… Read More

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Moonbeam Tickseed

Great band name: Moonbeam Tickseed and the Rhythm Aces. Nope. It’s Coreopsis verticillata. We have some in the canoe garden. The seeds are apparently sterile but the plants can be divided after a couple years if they last. Had I researched instead of buying on… Read More

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Two Hostas

Hostas do well here. I’ve previously posted photos of the phenomenal giant lime green hostas we now have in three places in the garden (and we’re going to split one or perhaps two of them again later this summer). Gradually, I’d like to expand the… Read More