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Salt River

I’ve heard this tune called Salt River or Salt Creek and even as Salty River. I don’t know much about it, but it’s loads of fun to play. Ted Myerscough and I recorded this at 27th Street the other day. We just used my camera… Read More

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Big Scioty

My friend Ted and I have been playing Big Scioty for some time. It’s named after the Scioto River in Ohio. I’ve heard the tune called Big Scioty or Big Sciota as well. This one has words, although it’s often played as an instrumental. It’s… Read More

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Pretty Little Dog

Here are Ted and I playing Pretty Little Dog. I don’t know very much about this tune, except it is usually attributed to Lee Triplett. It’s a lot of fun to play (even if we both look super-serious). This video was shot by Candy Minx.

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41st Avenue

Jack Antler is: Eugene Knapik, clawhammerTed Myerscough, guitarThis tune was written by Mark Jones. I learned it at Midwest Banjo Camp a few years ago at a workshop about Grandpa and Ramona Jones and family, taught by Cathy Barton. Filmed on the streets of Toronto… Read More

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Jack Antler on the Lake Shore

Jack Antler (that’s me on clawhammer banjo and Ted Myerscough on guitar) will be busking in the gazebo at Lake Shore and Eighth St. in New Toronto (north side) on Sunday between 2 and 3:30 pm – courtesy of the Lakeshore Village BIA. If you’re… Read More

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Bonaparte’s March

How many old time tunes have Bonaparte in the title? There’s Bonaparte’s Retreat, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, this one, which is Bonaparte’s March and maybe more. I love this tune; I love its relentlessness, its inevitability. This is Jack Antler – Ted Myerscough on guitar… Read More

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Greasy Coat

Here’s Jack Antler again, this time performing Greasy Coat. This was at our local open mic last night at Fair Grounds Coffee – right here in Long Branch. Ted Myerscough on Guitar and me on clawhammer banjo.