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Morning Blues

I dropped Tuffy P off at the Go Station this morning just before the snowstorm hit. A big hint this is going to be quite a storm system: the local talk radio station has sold ads on their snow updates. The fisherman whirligig out front… Read More

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Blue Skies (please)

The weatherman has called for a night and day of rain around here beginning at around midnight. Let’s see if we can wish that storm away. Here’s Jim Kweskin and Meredith Axelrod performing Blue Skies. This song was written by Irving Berlin in 1926 and… Read More

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Georgia Crawl

Some visitors might be saying, hey this blog is getting very music-heavy lately don’t you think? Well, all I have to say to that is, c’mon, let’s do the Georgia Crawl. Here’s Meredith Axelrod with Jim Kweskin.