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Brussels Blues

I came across this one surfing around on YouTube this morning, and it is so very familiar to me. It’s Benny Goodman at the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair featuring the fantastic Jimmy Rushing on vocals. My dad had this cut on an album called Mr.… Read More

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Let’s class this joint up…

Here’s Count Basie with Little Jimmy Rushing (Mr. 5X5!) on vocals. Sent for you yesterday and here you come today. This tune rocks. Basie and Rushing were both favourites of my father’s. He’d say, “Listen to Basie’s piano, son, just listen”. He used to play… Read More

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Yellow Bird

In an email to us today, a friend of ours mentioned her parents listening to the Mills Brothers singing Yellow Bird… This brought back a rush of memories. My father loved The Mills Brothers and listened to them a lot when I was growing up.… Read More

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Mr. 5X5

Today I’d like to feature Mr. 5X5, Little Jimmy Rushing. Mr. Rushing sang for the Basie band but I’m more familiar with some of his other work, because my father used to play an album produced by John Hammond called simply Mr. 5X5. He loved… Read More