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Gum Tree Canoe

Every now and then I need a dose of John Hartford. Here’s Gum Tree Canoe. I think this one is also known as Tombigbee Waltz, or at least there is a Tombigbee Waltz which is pretty similar.

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Songs for Hobos

I love this video featuring John Hartford performing his own Gentle on my Mind… Old Sledge performing Danville Girl… I’ve posted this one before – Baby Gramps doing Big Rock Candy Mountain – but it’s so much fun it deserves another go… And finally, enjoy… Read More

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Gentle on my Mind

I love this old John Hartford song. It’s been recorded something like 300 times. Some of those versions are very good. Unfortunately, quite a few performers really did a butcher job on it My favourite? Here’s Johnny Cash doing a very melencholy version with Glen… Read More