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Living Donor Appreciation night UHN Health Network Multi-Organ Transplant Program, St. Michael’s Hospital Renal Transplant Program and The Hospital for Sick Children

Tuffy P posting tonight. I skipped dog walking tonight to head over to the Westin Prince Hotel in TO, with the amazing Jocelyn by my side! Tonight was a celebration night hosted by the inspiring Doctors and their Transplant teams from the UHN (University Health… Read More

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She’s Home!!

This morning Toronto General discharged Sheila from the hospital and she’s here at home now enjoying some grapes and a cup of tea. A little later we’re going to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. The surgery (for those who haven’t been following, Sheila… Read More

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This morning, Tuffy P was unhooked from the various tubes and wires and monitoring devices that have been attached to her since her surgery (to donate the right lobe of her liver to an anonymous recipient) last Wednesday. Now she’s taking any medications by mouth.… Read More