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Diggy Liggy Lo

Today’s Daily Dose comes from Louisiana. Interesting intro by Johnny. I couldn’t even name 28 instruments (much less play them)….but here’s Doug Kershaw.. Since we’re in Louisiana, let’s listen to the most awesome Aldus Roger and the Lafayette Playboys performing the Hick’s Wagon Wheel Special… Read More

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Boozoo that’s Who

Let’s go back in time a few years to a place called Dog Hill. Your Daily Dose tonight comes from the late great Boozoo Chavis and his Magic Sounds. I got a paper in my shoe… Johnny Billy-goat

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Swamp Pop

This morning, let’s celebrate the music of swamp pop master Johnnie Allan. Here’s La Bague Qui Brille. Mr. Allan is best known for his killer version of Promised Land, the Chuck Berry tune. Crank this one up loud. The accordion solo on this one is… Read More

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Ballin the Jack

I mentioned Kid Ory in connection with the Muskrat Ramble in a previous post. Mr. Ory was a jazz trombone player from Louisiana. He had two careers in music, one prior to the Great Depression, after which he retired, picking it up again in 1943.… Read More