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4th St.

I came across various covers of the tune 4th Street Messaround on YouTube, and I realized I know two tunes about 4th St. The first one is that old Memphis Jug Band tune. They were a great band and were very well recorded. If you… Read More

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Ramble on the Road

Levon Helm and Lucinda Williams at Massey Hall We enjoyed a serious dose of Americana at Massey Hall last night. Lucinda Williams stepped onstage shortly after 8:00 with 3-piece outfit that came ready to rock. Ms. Williams was in fine form as she treated the… Read More

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Lake Charles

Every now and then, I’ll crank up the stereo in the car and listen to this song 20 times in a row. It may be perfect. Lucinda Williams always reminds me of a pet peeve. What the hell is “alt country”? How could we have… Read More