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Memphis update

Memphis visited the vet today to get her staples out and to get a post-surgery check-up. The vet says she is healing up well from her surgery, although watching her limp around the house it’s hard for us to tell. For the next couple weeks,… Read More

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Memphis Update

Memphis is doing well. She can get up and walk around some and she seems comfortable. This morning her bandage came off – and that means it’s time for the Elizabethan collar for a while so she doesn’t lick the incision. Memphis is not impressed… Read More

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Memphis is home!!!

After surgery yesterday, Memphis has returned home. She can walk, but she does require an assist with a sling to easily get up at this point. In two weeks she will get her staples out, and she is on restricted activity for some time (just… Read More

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Surgery for Memphis

Our dear Landseer Newf Memphis is going for knee surgery today. The problem is with her cruciate ligament, which has deteriorated considerably and is causing her a lot of pain on her rear right side. Left unchecked, it will severely limit her mobility. As part… Read More

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Grooming Part II

Georgie went for his grooming session with the fabulous Lorraine yesterday and this morning it was Memphis’ turn. Georgie came along for company and got to play with his new pals Pele and Rollo. After grooming, Lorraine had treats for the whole gang. Pele is… Read More