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Memphis Update

Memphis is doing well. She can get up and walk around some and she seems comfortable. This morning her bandage came off – and that means it’s time for the Elizabethan collar for a while so she doesn’t lick the incision. Memphis is not impressed but is tolerating it.


She is not happy about taking medication either. We can get a pill or two down with treats but then she twigs to the pill and refuses the treats. Last evening I was pilling her directly. She’s demonstrated an excellent ability to avoid swallowing so she can spit the pill out later. This morning I resorted to a secret weapon – buttered toast. She’ll eat anything if it comes with buttered toast.

She appreciated a little brushing this morning, especially under her chin and on her neck, her favourite spots.


  1. Cheddar doesn’t work for Memphis. I thought it would for sure but she can detect the pill buried in the cheddar. She eats the piece that is just cheddar and looks at the piece with pill buried in it and looks at me and then turns away, clamping her mouth shut. However, I think I could hide almost anything in buttered toast. I suppose we all have our price.

  2. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    A pill trick for dogs that I use with success is to bury the pill inside an acorn sized or maybe a bit smaller chunk of cheddar. Knead the cheese to soften it a bit if needed. The idea is to use enough cheese to fully cover the pill but not enough cheese to be worth chewing. If you give her a tidbit of cheese with no pill first she will almost certainly swallow the second loaded piece without chewing it at all.

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