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Morning Blues

I dropped Tuffy P off at the Go Station this morning just before the snowstorm hit. A big hint this is going to be quite a storm system: the local talk radio station has sold ads on their snow updates. The fisherman whirligig out front… Read More

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Ginseng Blues

Meredith Axelrod with Jerron Paxton and Frank Fairfield do a great job on this old tune. Ginseng Blues was first recorded (as far as I know) by the Kentucky Ramblers in 1930. Both their version and Meredith Axelrod’s feature yodeling, and we all need more… Read More

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My Blue Heaven

My dad used to sing this tune around the house when I was a little kid. It’s imprinted deep in my brain somewhere. Here’s Jerron Paxton and Meredith Axelrod.