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Charles Guiteau

I’m sure my American friends are familiar with Charles Guiteau as the preacher/lawyer/writer who assassinated President Garfield, a crime for which he was hanged. He did the deed on July 2, 1881, but Garfield didn’t perish untiil 11 weeks later on September 19. Anything else… Read More

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Delia was a gamblin’ girl. She only had eyes for rounders, card players who knew all the angles. Cutty or Cooney, depending on the version, loved poor Delia but she didn’t love him back. Bad news. Here’s Martin Grosswendt… Now Cutty’s going to be in… Read More

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Duncan and Brady

While not as big a sub-genre in Americana as train songs, murder ballads are big just the same. Since I took an interest in folk music in my teens, I’ve been listening to songs about Stack-O-Lee and Franky and Johnny, Pretty Polly and Tom Dooley. … Read More