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I met up with Ted and Isabel today to play some Old Time music. We’ve been having these sessions regularly, and I am enjoying them so much. Ted and I had already been playing together for a while before Isabel joined us. We had a… Read More

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Bonaparte’s March

How many old time tunes have Bonaparte in the title? There’s Bonaparte’s Retreat, Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine, this one, which is Bonaparte’s March and maybe more. I love this tune; I love its relentlessness, its inevitability. This is Jack Antler – Ted Myerscough on guitar… Read More

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A tune with a few names

Here’s another tune from our practice session yesterday, this one with a special guest appearance towards the end from our Newfoundland dog George. I know this tune as Rachel, but it’s apparently also known in some places as the Texas Quickstep, the St. Louis Quickstep,… Read More

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Sandy Boys

My friend Ted and I had a “Jack Antler” practice session this afternoon and we took the opportunity to record a few tunes on video. Here is a version of a tune called Sandy Boys. I’ve heard this tune attributed to West Virginia fiddler Edden… Read More

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Bitter Creek

I listen to a lot of music outside of the mainstream star-maker machinery these days, and I’m constantly amazed at the breadth of content people have posted up on YouTube. It’s a remarkable resource. People learning this music when I was growing up without any… Read More