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Songs for Hobos

I love this video featuring John Hartford performing his own Gentle on my Mind… Old Sledge performing Danville Girl… I’ve posted this one before – Baby Gramps doing Big Rock Candy Mountain – but it’s so much fun it deserves another go… And finally, enjoy… Read More

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Rock Salt and Nails

This  song was written by the late U. Utah Phillips. It’s been recorded by a lot of performers. I think it has a lot of legs because on the one hand, it has a beautiful, sweet melody, but on the other, it features some very… Read More

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Train Song of the Day

Starlight on the Rails Here is Rosalie Sorrels covering Starlight on the Rails, which was written by her pal, the late Utah Phillips. Wow, I love this one.  I’ve known this song for many years, but this interpretation of it is simply stunning. “Dreams are… Read More