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Tore Down

Feeling all tore down today, no energy, generally lousy. I took the afternoon off work and slept, only waking up because the cats wanted to be fed and decided the thing to do was create total feline chaos until I got up to do it.… Read More

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Rum and Coca Cola

Rum and Coca Cola is Drinking Song #8. I’ve never been a big fan of rum drinks, but I am a fan of this tune. You can read an interesting history of this calypso on Wikipedia. It was a huge success for the Andrews Sisters… Read More

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Busy week…

I have a lot of stuff going on this week. and haven’t had much time to think about blogging. Tomorrow I have another long day, but hopefully by Wednesday, the universe will be stabilizing some.  My copy of the new Wanda Jackson CD arrived in… Read More

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The Party Ain’t Over

Wanda Jackson has a new album. And why not, this rock ‘n roller is only 73. The Party Ain’t Over is produced by Jack White and is released tomorrow. I’ll be picking up a copy. Here’s Ms. Jackson back in the day. And here’s a… Read More