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Mountain Dulcimer

I don’t think I’ve posted any mountain dulcimer music here since I moved over from Mister Anchovy’s to this space. It’s a diatonic instrument in the zither family. Usually it’s used to play American old-time music or sometimes gospel music.

Of course you can also play bowed dulcimer…


  1. zeusiswatching

    A young man who works for a local grocer just acquired one of these. He was ecstatic to finally have one of his own. I think it came to him through his family.

    • I have a banjo dulcimer at home. It’s like a mountain dulcimer, tuned to DAD, but it has a small banjo head on it and uses banjo strings. This gives it a character that is way less sweet than the dulcimer. I enjoy playing it from time to time, but most of my music making time is with the button accordion.

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