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Front Yard Crops

Check out this article in The Toronto Star about front yard veggie gardens. There is some similar activity happening not far from Anchovy World Headquarters that I’ve watched with interest. I’ve never been a fan of the lawn. At our old place, I removed the lawn from the small front yard in year one and replaced it with what became a wonderful perrennial jungle. The back evolved over several years and featured some veggie patches, a rock garden and a shady bit with a beautiful red Japanese Maple that my father picked out for us. I was sad to see that the people who bought the house when we left took out a lot of the crazy love that characterized our garden.

One thing we didn’t do was bring veggies into the front yard. I think it would be very healthy for our communities to do more of that, and I love the idea of people with land and people with skills getting together to share the wealth of the land. At the new Anchovy World Headquarters, I don’t think we’re going to be able to grow much in the way of veggies, due to the mature trees all over the property. We have a huge locust in the front yard and in the back, there are several very tall mature spruce trees, along with a couple very old apple trees, a big silver maple and more. A lot of the back yard is dominated by the shallow roots of the conifers. I’ve made a perrenial garden at the side of the house and two perrenial gardens in the back. Each year we’ll transform the gardens a bit more.

For those with sunny gardens, I think planting some crops is a great idea. I’m all for breaking down the tyrrany of the lawn and using garden space to grow food.  I love our shady spot, but I do miss my early season spinach and fabulous tomatoes and chiles.


  1. I am going to start some pot gardens at my new place (not gardens of pot!) and try to grow some herbs and a few other smaller items. I’m not sure I’ll have that much space though.

  2. Early August old bean….probably the first week, and, depending on finances a bit of the second week. I’ll confirm the day we’re arriving asap.

  3. Oh Mr. Anchovy, I had no idea what you meant when you described your yard. Both new and old are incredibly beautiful! I envy you your green thumb.
    Thank you for the photos.

  4. I will buy you several beers and arrange for you to crash out at the place we’re staying old bean.

    You are now expected!!!

  5. Our yard is very shady as well, and we have primarily conifers so nothing much grows near them. It’s very difficult to grow veggies here anyway, but I would certainly love to replace all the (unused) lawn with them.

  6. i would love to see photos of your little corner of the planet. I have a red Japanese maple in my front yard so I know the joy of its beauty. (They really are beautiful trees with such delicate foliage.)

    I lost a shrub in my backyard this winter and I’ve been considering planting some green peppers. The weather here (in the USA deep south) has been unusually chilly so far this year but as soon as things get back to normal, I think I’ll begin a veggie garden. and put in my annual flower bed.

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