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Another bee hotel

I made another little bee hotel for our “solitary bee” friends today. For this one I started with some pieces of clay sewer pipe and filled the with bamboo. The hollow bamboo should be a good place for Mason bees and Leafcutter bees to nest.… Read More

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Through The Garden Gate Garden Tour 2016

Tuffy P giving you a glimpse of Toronto Botanical Garden’s 29th annual tour of 18 private gardens in Toronto’s Kingsway neighbourhood.  ‘Through the Garden Gate’ is also open to the public tomorrow. (check the TBG website for info) Master Gardeners volunteer at each of the… Read More

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Garden extension

I’ve been working on a garden extension out front this week, removing some grass, creating new garden area and a little flagstone and gravel area for a chair. I pretty much got it completed this afternoon, and just in time too because my back is… Read More

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I’m really looking forward to gardening this year. Since I’m saying bye-bye to the work-a-day world, I’m going to structure in regular gardening time (after my morning swim and before a painting session?), and I expect to be able to tackle some garden projects as… Read More