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900 more Tim’s?

The Tim Horton’s empire is planning to add another 900 outlets. For those not living in Canada, it seems as if some cities have Tim Horton’s on just about every corner. This includes drive-through locations galore. I wonder if they will reach a saturation point. Who’s going to drink all that coffee? Current franchisees can’t be too happy with this news. I know many people go out of their way to get their java from Tim’s, but more outlets has to mean fewer Canadianos for each outlet.

Meanwhile, it seems that empty coffee cups have become the single most prevalent item of litter around.


    • Well, it all started with a hockey player named Tim Horton who started a string of donut shops, and it has spread into an enormous empire. Unfortunately, Mr. Horton checked out as a result of a nasty car crash many years ago.

  1. That is way too many Timmies! And I agree…the litter is terrible. They should start a “bring your own mug” campaign, but I guess that would interfere with their ridiculous “roll up the rim to win” thingy.

  2. It all seems a bit much, there has to be a point where people cannot drink more coffee. And I agree with you on the huge problem of cardboard coffee cups. Why don’t people carry their own cups or ask for a real cup, instead of throwing away something they use for 5 minutes?

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