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Everywhere, Coffee Cups

Everywhere I go, I see disposable coffee cups littered on the ground. Today I went for a walk through the lovely naturalized parkland at Humber Bay and picked up one from Tim Horton’s and another from Starbucks. The cup in the photo was steps from… Read More

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There was a lot of litter this morning in an area on top of the Scarborough Bluffs. It seems there were quite a few assholes there setting off Canada Day fireworks the other day, who thought the best thing to do with their litter was… Read More

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900 more Tim’s?

The Tim Horton’s empire is planning to add another 900 outlets. For those not living in Canada, it seems as if some cities have Tim Horton’s on just about every corner. This includes drive-through locations galore. I wonder if they will reach a saturation point.… Read More