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A Good First Step

The Toronto transit union held the first of a series of town-halls yesterday to hear from Torontonians about issues with public transit in Toronto. This is a brave step by a union reeling from photos of sleeping employees and the like. It marked recognition by the union that they are in the customer service business. Union members apologized to the public repeatedly, and I think those apologies were well taken.

However, we shouldn’t think the problems with public transit in Toronto are all the fault of the transit employees. Keep in mind that our provincial government just shelved promises of some regular reasonable funding. Tough times and all that.

I don’t mind paying increased taxes for better transit. However, if I pay more taxes I have some expectations that go along with that. I don’t want my increased taxes to go to fund trips to conferences around the world (sorry Mr. Giambrone) and I expect some much better planning in the future.

The town-halls are a good start, and good for the union for getting them going. Let’s hear what the public wants to see improved. Proceed with much consultation. Let’s avoid a repetition of the terrible St. Clair project in the future. As for the province, they’re going to have to belly up to the bar, so to speak, and work out a way to fund a top rate transit system.

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  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    My all time favorite boondoggle happened right in your fine city of Toronto. A few years back the fine folks who run the city decided that hookers were an issue that needed to be dealt with, and rather than do some original thinking about how to address the issue they decided that since Europe had lotsa hookers they needed to talk to some Euro politicians to see what they did. Fair enough I guess. Frugal politicians might send an email to all the mayors of all the major Euro cities soliciting ideas. Politicians a little more free with public funds might elect to make 50 long distance calls or even write some letters. Toronto politicos though took the low road and decided that just communication wasnt enough, they needed to actually see some European hookers with their own eyes so they put together a week long tour of Europe (I think spouses went along) for 7 days so they could speak personally to some politicians and maybe visit some Amsterdam whorehouses. I believe the tab for the trip was $27,000. I don’t know if it was a success or not but I suspect that it was easier to sweep Ireland clean of snakes than to move the hookers out of Toronto.

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