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Everything is Broken

In his column yesterday in The Toronto Star, Ed Keenan wrote about the massive tax increase assessed against the arts building at 401 Richmond. Full disclosure: I’m represented for my paintings by an art dealer in that building – yumart – and my work has… Read More

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Stamp out ads on transit art

CBC reported this morning that the Toronto Transit Commission has been putting ads up on top of an abstract mural called Sliding Pi, by artist Arlene Stamp. Spokesperson Brad Ross confirmed they’ve been doing it for years, and the artist apparently doesn’t have much of… Read More

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When it rains it freezes…

For the Toronto Transit Commission, it seems when it rains it freezes. After the transit union took a very positive step, organizing a series of town-halls, and apologizing profusely for poor customer service, another serious incident has taken place. All the news outlets have reported… Read More

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A Good First Step

The Toronto transit union held the first of a series of town-halls yesterday to hear from Torontonians about issues with public transit in Toronto. This is a brave step by a union reeling from photos of sleeping employees and the like. It marked recognition by… Read More