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In the forest today

I found lots of these boletes with the red pores. I don’ t know a great deal about boletes, but I do know the rule that says, “don’t eat the ones with the red pores.”

Aren’t these chanterelles beautiful? There are some days when it seems chanterelles don’t get to this size because the bugs and the slugs demolish them first. Today, many of the chanterelles I found were good size like this and in great condition.

I’ve seen these before. They grow on dead conifer wood. I’m pretty sure this mushroom is the Velvet-footed Pax, or Paxillus atrotomentosus. It’s poisonous, so don’t be eating these.


  1. Goodness, I am a complete mushroom dolt; I don’t know a truffle from, well, anything! I would probably end up poisoning my entire family.

    My mother could tell them apart, tho. She picked them fairly often. She’d also pick dandelion greens to cook.

  2. Wanda Palma

    I sent a link to your blog to my cousin Barbara in Poland so she could see the wild mushrooms you’ve been picking. She said they are similar to theirs but did not find the mushroom boletus (borowik in Polish) which is the “king of mushrooms there, the noblest one, beautiful and nice smelling. You can dry it or marinate”. I will tell her to have another look now that you posted it, she will be surprised. I am going to Poland in September and plan to pick mushrooms in the forest. Your garden is looking great!

    • I haven’t found any King Boletes yet, aka Ceps, aka Porcini aka Boletus edulis…but if anyone has a map to some they’d like to share with me, please do. The red-pored boletes I posted a picture of are poisonous. I have found some edible boletes this season but not many (yet).

      I bet you’re going to have a fantastic trip to Poland. I’d love to hear all about it on your return.

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