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I scored the bottom of the cap on this bolete with a pocket knife and it immediately turned a dark blue. You can also see blue staining at the bottom of the stalk. I don’t know what species this one is, but with reddish pores and blue staining, I’m not about it eat it. Perhaps it’s Boletus subvelutipes?

I thought this one might have been one of the Tylopilus or bitter boletes because of the top of the cap having a slightly purplish cast; however, it didn’t taste bitter so we ate it tonight and it was good.

Here’s another large bolete – white flesh, brownish pores, tan cap. No staining evident. I tasted a bit and it was not bitter (I should say I’m not all that sensitive to bitter…last year Tuffy tasted one that I thought might be a little bitter and she said it was very, very bitter. Unfortunately, when I sliced this one open, it was evident that it was quite wormy.

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