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Almost there…

I guess the eyes of the world have been on the rescue of those miners in Chile. What an amazing story. As I write this 23 of the men are out and the operation is continuing. Hopefully the rescue will continue successfully until all those miners are safely on the surface. How many other mines are still operating in Chile and elsewhere where workers endure hazardous conditions. I hope this situation will lead to safer working conditions.

Tonight, I’m going to take a break from train songs and feature a couple mining songs instead.

Here are the Country Gentlemen covering the Merle Travis tune, Dark as a Dungeon…

And here is Steve Earle and the Del McCoury Band


  1. Decided to pop in and see what Mr. Anchovy was up to. I am missing the days of blogging so much and interacting. Life is a whirlwind constantly. Also watched the Chilean miners come out for a portion of day (took a day off to stay home and catch up on rest) – amazing story! I often think of my husband cutting meat everyday, day in and day out, and think that would be dreary, but then think of miners – how do they do what they do, I wonder. I can’t imagine.

  2. Yeah, I was wondering when the movie will be announced (it’s bound to happen) and hope all the miners will benefit from it.

    El Pais (Spanish newspaper) was “live tweeting” the rescue and I was having a sleepless night so I was “there” reading it on my iPhone when the first miner came up, and I have to say it brought tears to my eyes.

    LOVE Steve Earle.

  3. It’s been a wonderful rescue that had the whole world rivetted. I hope that, as you mentioned, while the world is paying attention, we can address unsafe mining.

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