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Seek and ye shall find…

Search term of the day

Somebody found this cave in the eye of the hurricane by searching Kojak Colombo. It occurred to me that it would be a great name for a band that played 70s music: Kojak Colombo and the Bad Detectives.


  1. I was talking to another parent/retired opera singer at one of my daughter’s choir practices, yesterday. Somehow (don’t ask) the conversation veered (and, I do mean veered) into a story about how my Pomeranian once ate the entire collar off of a beloved vintage black cashmere topcoat of mine, with several days following of incredibly interesting results when I took my dog out for his daily constitutional. We both decided then that if we ever decided to found a speed metal/opera garage band……..the name name would have be “Cashmere Turd”. I think it, like “Kojak Colombo and the Bad Detectives”, has quite the commercial ring to it….Double bill at the local bowling alley lounge??

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