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Seek and ye shall find

Somebody entered the phrase “chanterelle mushrooms in July near Toronto” into a search engine and landed on 27th Street. Let me ease your troubled mind, my friend. The answer is, well maybe, if we get some rain this year (and you can find them).

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Short Squat Mushrooms

I’m always interested in the variety of search terms people use that land them here on this blog. Today somebody got here after searching Russula brevipes. Now this is an interesting mushroom to me, and it’s interesting because it has a special relationship with another… Read More

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Wrong Season

Somebody entered “Aborted Entoloma Spring” into a search engine and came up with my little slice of paradise. Around these parts, though, you won’t see aborted entoloma, or Entoloma abortivum, in the spring. You’ll see lots of them in the fall, though. The naming of… Read More

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Somebody searched the internet for “Sligo Creek Stompers” and came up with this blog. Now I don’t think I’ve heard that name before and a quick search of 27th Street tells me that I’ve never posted anything by them on this blog. I did once… Read More

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Search Terms

Of course I appreciate regular visitors to this blog. Also interesting though, are some of the search terms people type into whatever search engine they fancy, and end up in my little corner cyberspace.  Here’s a recent sample: diagram of button accordion puffballs found in… Read More

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Bad Reaction

Someone found my blog by searching “had a bad reaction from eating chanterelles”, and I thought this deserved a comment. Chanterelles are by all accounts one of the safest edible wild mushrooms. However, some people suffer allergic reactions to all wild mushrooms. My first question… Read More