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Osteria Ciceri e Tria

Last night we enjoyed a fantastic dinner at Osteria Ciceri e Tria, here in Toronto, as guests of dear friends celebrating their 25th.

Dinner included 5 delightful little antipasti, followed by a choice of primi, secondi and contorni.

Antipasti were: mixed bean and leek soup; a little something from the sea; savoury sausage, rapini and potato cake with pecorino; sheep milk ricotta with figs, tarelli and honey; and panzerottini stuffed with tomato and bocconcini. These were tastes, appetizers in a true sense, all beautifully prepared, attractive and tasty.

For primi, I had potato gnocci with shrimp, cherry tomatoes, garlic, chilies and basil. And for secondi, grilled Barese veal sausage with potatoes and sauteed rapini. This was rounded out with roasted beets salad with celery, onions, olives and vinegar .

Food was beautifully prepared, attractive and very tasty and service was perfect. The interior was highly (over?) designed with a long communal table down the middle, smaller tables around the sides (we were at one), and an oddball map-like item (if they lost this it would be just fine) on the far wall. Any design eccentricities along with the slightly loud music were easily forgiven though, because dinner was just so good. I’d return to this restaurant for a special dinner any day.


  1. It sounds like an absolutely divine meal! I have to admit that the only time that I have dined in a truly Italian fashion was at a friend’s wedding (coincidentally in Toronto). The courses just kept coming and coming.

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