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An Accordion Festival in Toronto?

Toronto needs an accordion festival. The city just doesn’t know it yet. Tuffy P and I are starting the conversation. How can we make this happen? I think the first step is to put together a group of organizers to brainstorm it out, make a plan and make it happen. The next step will be to decide when it will be and work backwards. I think it can happen in the summer of 2012 if we get to it. Toronto has such a rich cultural diversity and so many of those cultures have strong accordion traditions. I’d love to bring that community together for a weekend, as a start to an annual festival. If we dream big enough and get a little lucky and a lot of help, maybe we can even bring in a couple acts from elsewhere.

Calling all accordion freaks…..

If you want to help, or if you have some ideas to share, email me or comment here. The good thing and the bad thing is that we’ve never organized a music festival before. It’s a good thing because we don’t know all the reasons why it’s a crazy idea that we shouldn’t touch. It’s a bad thing because there are all kinds of things we’ll need to know to make it happen that we don’t know. Still, I think we can make it happen.


  1. Polka festivals, wow, sound so good.

    We have every summer Tango festivals in Finland. Our tangos differ from those in Argentina.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. figure out tents n’ building locations….maybe buses from one cheap location to another is the way to go????!!!!! sponsors are good for publicity money!!!-if it gets super serious-call me on the batphone!!!


  3. I agree that Facebook is a good medium for getting the word out, making the connections you want. The accordion festival is a great idea, and I think one that is overdue. You can do this!

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