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Bad Singer by Tim Falconer

I just finished reading Bad Singer – the surprising science of tone deafness and how we hear music – by Tim Falconer. The book describes the journalist’s quest to understand why he’s a bad singer. He subjected himself to loads of scientific tests, talked to… Read More

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Old Jake Gilley

Do you know the old time fiddle tune, Old Jake Gilley? Here are some interesting takes on it. First up is The Deleuran Enevoldsen Duo… Now let’s speed things up a little with with Gene and Evo Bluestein… Dwight Diller liked this tune so well… Read More

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Texas Gals

I’ve been learning a tune called Texas Gals on the banjo, so I’ve been listening to some different versions. Here are Al Hopkins and his Hillbillies…. Here’s a nice version by a group called The Monks, featuring a square dance caller…. I’ve been learning the… Read More