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Painting Too

We’re used to much of the fare on television reduced to formulaic reality show competition. Now art too has become a competition. This live event is apparently quite popular.

To me, art, and painting in particular, has always been something special. I recall as a high school student discovering the works of a number of Toronto painters, thinking wow what a fantastic world of ideas out there. I’d love to be part of that conversation.  Perhaps I was already on my way to becoming an elitist art snob. The reality though is that painting isn’t something that hits home in the popular imagination. For instance, I’ll bet if you tried to strike up a conversation in your workplace about Canadian painting, your conversation would be short. You would likely even encounter those who believe that most of the cultural thought of the last century has been developed by charletons out to dupe the unsuspecting public with their tricky ideas. I try not to argue with those guys any more.

A while back I told an aquaintance that I destroyed some paintings and she was appalled that I would do such a thing. But nobody wants them, I told her. I can’t afford to store them forever. Yes, but they’re your paintings. You’ve created them. You have a responsibility to keep them. I see. Do you hang any paintings in your house? Well, no. Would you like to hang a few of my paintings? Um, well I can’t really do that now. I’m um going to renovate. Oh, OK.

So let’s have an art battle. Canada’s next top painter. So you think you can paint? Of course there needs to be a panel of smug judges and a beautiful host.

There. That feels better.


  1. Patience

    I still have a large cardboard case of my older dd’s audition portfolio for ESA. Can’t keep it forever but I feel weird about pitching it. Lucky for me she’s mostly into small crafts and not large size sculptures. She is someone you could have a conversation on painting that would last more than a few minutes.

  2. I would absolutely hang your paintings in my house!

    Did you hear that art has now also entered the realm of the stock market? You can apparently buy stocks in a painting.

    • wahooo, I’m goin public…here a share, there a share, everywhere a share share.
      As for your walls, next time I’m in your town, Barbara, I’ll see what I can do 🙂

  3. Candy

    I would totally win that battle if I was there. ha ha. I sort of think it’s not a bad idea for a competition. I think the challenge is how many artists can actually make a painting in 20 minutes. I know I could make a pretty kickass painting in 20 minutes. But a ton of artists are accustommed to a lot more time, solitude and reverie in the studio…and I would stomp all over them ha ha.
    I thought the art program that we taped for you “work of art” had a lo of potential…but it was drab for me because of the personalities that were picked o be on the panel. I think they took a really long time to get their sealegs on tv if you will. The combination of a storyteller/critic/judge should have been the quailifying need of picking people to judge the art on the show…it seemed the critics were always tired or something. And I thought surely there must have been more vibrant visual artists available for such a competition. I suspect there won’t be a season two.

    Nobody cares about art and so few peopel have igured out a way to talk and speak about art in an intertesting, funny down to earth way about reverie and dreams…

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