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Around the House

It’s a damp day here in Anchovy-town. A steady blend of mist and drizzle has been falling all day. This will at least give the gardens a great boost. Today was a day for working around the house and believe me, and I have plenty of jobs I’ve been dodging and procrastinating to choose from.

Happily, I managed to do quite a bit of work cleaning up the gardens the other day before the rain.  I planted three of my tomato plants this morning. I’ll wait until the long weekend for the rest. Usually the long weekend in May is considered the safe time to plant tomatoes when all danger of frost has passed and nights warm up.

My father used to go to some lengths to ensure early tomatoes. He’d start his seeds indoors under lights. Then he would “harden them off” outside using a crude cold-frame warmed by a light bulb. For me, I’ll just be happy to get a few tomatoes from the backyard. I think the sunlight is marginal here for a good tomato crop. Back at the old place, we didn’t have a huge garden, but we got plenty of sun and we had a huge tomato crop every year. Removing an old apple tree last year opened the canopy up some and growing some veggies this year is my folly.


  1. Around here I have to buy three foot tall tomato plants if I want any ripe tomatoes. We only get about 14 frost free days.

    • c’mon, I know you’re just funnin’ me….everybody knows out in your neck of the woods you get 20, 25 frost-free days easy.

  2. I’m saving 3 plants for the front yard. Even there, once the locust is fully in leaf, only the front half of the moon shaped garden has a reasonable amount of sun. We planted some sunflowers there last year and they were pretty good.

  3. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    You know, the jail term for slipping a tomato plant into a front garden where there is sun isn’t all that long. Sure the local community betterment society might get on your case but just tell them it isnt your tomato plant and that you have rented out some cropland to a small scale farmer.

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