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Three More

Train Song #3 features Dinah Shore. Remember Dinah Shore? I do. It takes a long train with a red caboose to carry my blues away, friends.

Dinah Shore was born in 1916 and lived until 1994. She had 80 charted pop hits in the 40s and 50s. She was featured on radio, she was an actress, and and she even had a television talk show. As a bonus, she even recorded a train song, giving me an excuse to feature her here on 27th Street. I don’t know anything about this song or who is playing on it, so if you happen to know that info, please comment. I do know that the tune was also recorded by Peggy Lee.

Only two more train songs to go and still so many to choose from before we turn our attention to songs about drinking (it was the whiskey talking, not me….honest).

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