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Three More

Train Song #3 features Dinah Shore. Remember Dinah Shore? I do. It takes a long train with a red caboose to carry my blues away, friends. Dinah Shore was born in 1916 and lived until 1994. She had 80 charted pop hits in the 40s… Read More

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Do the Choo Choo

For train song #4, let’s turn to Jack Ashford and The Sound of New Detroit. Here’s Do the Choo Choo… “Jashford” was the percussionist for the Funk Brothers in-house Motown band in the 60s and early 70s. He was known for his tamborine work in… Read More

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Wreck of the Number 9

There were several popular versions of train song #8 – Wreck of the Number 9. First let’s here Jim Reeves… Of course Hank Snow recorded it…. And here’s Marty Robbins…    

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Ten more….

For train song #10, I’m going to turn to Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band performing That Train Song. These guys are a three piece country blues band from Indiana – guitar, drums and washboard. They pretty much leave me speechless. I encourage you to check… Read More