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Search Terms

Of course I appreciate regular visitors to this blog. Also interesting though, are some of the search terms people type into whatever search engine they fancy, and end up in my little corner cyberspace.  Here’s a recent sample:

diagram of button accordion
puffballs found in ontario canada
27th street
boletes ontario
new condos marie cutis park
pierogi polka
parlez nous a boire
types of ontario mushrooms
most popular edible wild mushrooms ontario
preparing lobster mushrooms
edible mushrooms ontario
accordion diagram
if the ocean were whisky and i were a duck
patychky marinade



  1. The themes actually make a lot of sense. I have had dozens of searches for French onion soup on mine lately, coming from all over the US. What’s with the soup search?

    • WordPress has a new stats feature that shows who comments the most on your blog. Guess what – you’re the top commenter on 27th Street. Yay! Second place goes to Salvelinas fontinalis, my brother the trout.

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