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A Little Blast From the Past #squeezebox

Here’s a video shot by my pal Candy Minx a few years ago. It features some guy who looks a lot like me playing The Star of Logy Bay on triple row button accordion, and it was shot in front of Tom’s Place in Kensington Market in Toronto Canada on a Sunday morning.

The squeezebox is a vintage Hohner Corona II made in Germany. The song is from Newfoundland. The tune has lyrics and if the squeezebox player could sing, he would have….

Ye ladies and ye gentlemen, I pray you lend an ear, While I locate the residence of a lovely charmer fair. The curling of her yellow locks first stole my heart away, And her place of habitation is down in Logy Bay. It was on a summer's evening this little place I found. I met her ag-ed father who did me sore confound, Saying, "If you address my daughter I'll send her far away, And she never will return again while you're in Logy Bay." How could you be so cruel as to part me from my love? Her tender heart beats in her breast as constant as a dove. Oh, Venus was no fairer, nor the lovely month of May. May heaven above shower down its love on the star of Logy Bay. 'Twas on the very next morning he went to St. John's town And engaged for her a passage in a vessel outward bound. He robbed me of my heart's delight and sent her far away, And he left me here downhearted for the star of Logy Bay. Oh, now I'll go a-roaming, I can no longer stay. I'll search the wide world over in every count-er-ie. I'll search in vain through France and Spain, likewise Americay, Till I will sight my heart's delight, the star of Logy Bay. Now to conclude and finish, the truth to you I'll tell. Between Torbay and Outer Cove, 'tis there my love did dwell. The finest girl that graced our Isle, so every one did say. May heaven above send down its love on the star of Logy Bay! May heaven above send down its love on the star of Logy Bay! 


  1. Buskers are supposed to have a license, which costs about $35 per year and which comes with rules as to where you can and can’t play. I’ve always had one but I’ve never been asked to show it to anyone. The big exception is the subway. The transit commission has annual auditions for permits to play there. The most popular busking spots in Toronto are St. Lawrence Market and Kensington Market. It’s almost impossible at the best of times to drive a car through the main parts of the market, but as you can see from the video, that doesn’t stop people from trying.

  2. Nice local colour and atmosphere in this video (hilarious ending!) – enjoyed the tune, too. What are the rules for street musicians in Toronto? Can anybody play anywhere or do you need a licence and so on? I live in one of the very few cities in the UK where busking is not regulated.

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