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Feedback for WordPress

Dear WordPress mandarins, I like WordPress. I really do. I’m glad I switched over a couple years back from Blogger. I really wish, though, you would stop giving me stupid little blogging goals to encourage me to reach your stupid artificial goals. I know, I… Read More

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According to the good folks at WordPress, this blog was viewed about 25,000 times last year. Of course, numbers can be deceiving. At some point early in the year, for instance, I made a post about a movie – the famous one about the submarine.… Read More

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Pirate Radio

I didn’t see Pirate Radio when it was on the big screen, but enjoyed watching it with Tuffy P tonight on DVD. It’s an enjoyable romp with a good mid-60s soundtrack, set on a pirate radio ship off the British coast in the 1960s. It’s… Read More